Amend What Is Meant

Amend What Is Meant 

by J. Vincent

You talk about the Constitution and all the amendments. But you don’t want to really talk about the founding fathers and what those men meant. 
It says all men are created equal and that should be the interpretation 
Now explain to me how one-eighth and three-fifths were applied to a portion of the nation. 

You defend the second and the right to bear arms
But you leave out the parts where you should defend those with only bare arms

You want smaller federal government and larger national defense
Now tell me how you can have one without the other and still make sense. 

You want individual state rights and as part of your platform it’s critical
But you trample on the cries for equal rights that are stated by the individual

Make America Great Again is your slogan, your hat spells it out to the letter. 

I say America is already great and with people from every race, religion and background working together, it will keep getting better. 


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